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Optin Golfer: Golfer and his Golf Club Do you opt in to play golf? Are you unsure of golf courses and your game? Let's talk about golf handicaps.

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Implementation of Course Handicap

The row on your scorecard labeled "Handicap" and all those numbers next to it represent each hole's handicap ranking, with number one being the most difficult and number 18 being the easiest. If you are part of a club, you might want to check with the handicapping committee because some of them do their own rankings for the holes, based on comparison of scores from scratch golfers and bogey golfers over a set period of time. You must compare your course handicap to the "Handicap" line on the scorecard. For example, if you have a handicap of five, you would take off one stroke from each of the holes ranked 1-5. If you have a handicap of 27, you would take off two strokes from each hole and then take an additional stroke off of each hole ranked 1-9. You follow me there? Itís simple stuff, right?

When you and your playing partner are playing from different tees, there is a simple procedure to follow to even things up. All you have to do is subtract the lesser course rating from the greater one. The difference is then added to the handicap of the golfer playing the tees with the greater course rating. For example, let's say two golfers are playing on tees with a course rating of 73.7 and 71.3, respectively. All you would have to do is subtract the 71.3 from the 73.7, giving you a difference of 2.4. You would then round that difference, so in this case it would be rounded down to two. The golfer playing the tees with the 73.7 rating would get an additional two strokes added to his handicap.

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